The Primal Spirits Selection


Eine Rarität und elegante Delikatesse aus hand-verlesenen Oliven und reinem Felsquellwasser. Das „Eau d’Live“ duftet nach saftigen Oliven und bringt weiche florale Noten hervor, die an einen Spaziergang durch einen Olivenhain erinnern.


Der anhaltend milde und mediterrane Nachhall machen AQUAOLEA zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis für Gaumen und Sinne. Ursprüngliche Wildfermentation und Destillation in den Höhenlagen der sagenhaften Natur der Karawanken sind die Seele für diesen feinen Brand.


Genießen Sie AQUAOLEA als erlesenes Degistif für den besonderen Moment.



Guderhand Rum

Guderhand Rum - Nordic Virgin - is a white organic rum from "Altes Land", just outside Hamburg. Only organic sugar cane molasses (non-EU agriculture) is used for the production in our certified facilities at Guderhandviertel. After the finely tuned fermentation of the molasses, the raw alcohol thus obtained is used for the distillation of the fine distillate. No sugar, No concentrate and No industrial alcohol is used. This handcrafted rum is reminiscent of a Rhum Agricole with fine and gentle fruit notes. Aromatic, full-bodied and pleasantly smooth on the finish. Wonderful as pure and of course in cocktail classics, such. as "The Guder Libre", Daiquiri or Mojito.





Is an unfiltered distillate of pure Karavanks Spruce Needles, in which the raw alcohol is fermented and distilled solely from handpicked spruce needles. After that, the raw brandy is again  macerated solely with spruce needles, distilled and adjusted to drinking strength with alpine spring water. The result is a unique spruce needle spirit, which is of rich and pure taste. FIN SPRUCE – The Essence of Forest! FIN SPRUCE fascinates pure. With Tonic, a very own, fresh new Highball is created. For example in a classic like Gimlet, FIN SPRUCE sets new, exciting facets as FINLET.



is an unfiltered distillate of pure Karavanks Juniper, in which the raw alcohol is fermented and distilled solely from handpicked juniper berries. After that, the raw brandy is again macerated solely with juniper berries, distilled and adjusted to drinking strength with alpine spring water. The result is a unique juniper spirit, which is of rich and pure taste.

BRIN KRUCE – The Essence of Juniper! BRIN KRUCE fascinates pure. Brin & Tonic is a powerful, extremely aromatic version of the classic Gin Tonic. BRIN KRUCE also sets strong aromatic facets in other gin classics.



SMOKECRAFT the single wood vodka amber-coloured precious summer wheat wood vodka that keeps up with the times. SMOKECRAFT EDELHOLZVODKA, remember the smell of cracked wood in the forrest back in the days, presents the natural flavor made of the heart of wood through cold smooth curacion process: a process that breaks with the tradition of barrel aging through extraction of natural oils and resins smoked by own hand-crafted hardwood and fruitwood shavings. Produced in Berlin, without artificial aromas and additives, no barrel storage, no use of flavored chips. SMOKECRAFT EDELHOLZVODKA: with a bouquet of wood from cherry trees composed to form Smokecraft’s unique taste and smoky notes. Natural, honest! Smokecraft Wodka is a new basis for all drinks with smoky notes and offers a new twist to all classic gin or whisky based cocktails. HAND MADE IN GERMANY. PRODUCT 2016 (BMWi), IWSC Silver 2016, CWSA Gold 2017



Cremor Irish Cream - Irish Magic in combination with the best Irish ingredients to create an Irish Cream unlike any that you have ever tried before. With a generous portion of 100% rich and fresh Irish cream, sourced from the rolling pastures of Munster’s magnificent Golden Vale. We use a delicate blend of Irish Spirit and Whiskey to bring you the ultimate cream liqueur experience. Cremor Irish Cream is produced in the heart of the Golden Vale, which gives access to the best fresh Irish cream, delivered daily from a local dairy. The best Spirits and Whiskey are also produced in Co. Cork. It is the combination of these ingredients which make Cremór so special.


Noble Pome Brandy from the typical fruits of the “Waterkant”, double distilled in the “Elbmarsch”. The tradition of craftsmanship and centuries-old fruit-growing traditions are the key elements of the “Elbmarsch“ to a dry and smooth North German Diggastif®. Delicious also as Digga & Tonic and Digga & Lemon.



Grasbrook is a rum of natural, fine and aromatic Nicaragua molasses, stored in American white oak barrels in Germany. The smell reminds of vanilla, light caramel combined with tropical fruits and liquorice. Very gentle liquorice, pineapple as well as a fine toffee flavor provide a unique character.


Vørding’s Gin

A silky smooth Dutch Gin developed in Amsterdam and distilled in Schiedam. Notes of orange, juniper, cinnamon, the light smoke and rich taste of roasted cedar give a distinctive character. The perfect drink as a cocktail or pure. All ingredients are carefully chosen and the cedar wood is crushed by hand and roasted. After infusing and filtering, Vørding's Gin has a slightly smoky identityand rich golden color.



26 herbs and spices, such as Macedonian juniper, Roman chamomile, Chinese grapes, lavender from France, Tonka beans from Brazil, Tasmanian mountainpeppers, galangal root and Heppen-heimer blackberry leaves create a special aroma. With pomelo, grapefruit peels and other citrus fruits in the spirit basket, Lunatic is finely tuned with full moon distillation and subsequently filtered through moonstone and stored for 2 weeks in clay barrels.



Willem´s Wermoed

The first Dutch vermouth in the world. The quest for our handmade vermouth began in the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus, one of the oldest medical gardens in the world. Thousands of herbs and native plants inspired our characteristic bittersweet blend. We selected 24 botanicals, including pine, thyme and wormwood. The ingredients have been elaborately processed in a Spanish white wine of the Airen & Zalema variety, aged for years in oak barrels. The name Willem was inspired by the great explorers who made the 17th century the Golden Age of the Netherlands. Pure, on the rocks or absolutely refreshing as Royal Spritzand Lemon Spritz.



The original, Dutch, maritime vodka based on organic potatoes, oyster distillate, lemon balm, verbena, pepper and filtered seawater. 100% unfiltered and handmade! Vodka with "COJONES", a salty character and a unique taste. All ingredients are natural, pure and gluten free. Pure, "on the rocks", ultimate Bloody Mary base. Like Ying & Yang. It takes a classic Dirty Martini to another level. Refreshing with apple juice and a little soda.


Kever Genever

Kever Genever from the Netherlands is juicy and soft. All components, the malt, the alcohol and the distillate are made by us. "We do not want to reinvent Genever, but want to make it even better. With Kever Genever we are on the Mission to show our generation how tasty genever can be. Pure, as a mixer or a cocktail. Gold-yellowish appearance. Malty, crispy, slight bitter notes of gentian root and almond tones. Kever Genever has a light and funky nose of elderberry flower, cinnamon and apple. It's 4 times Distilled.


German Brandy

By careful, genuine wine grape distillation and storage in french oak barrels from the Allier, Nevers and Limousin, a unique German Brandy is established. A special creation of wonderful fine tasting notes enable an unimagined enjoyment experience of an almost extinct species. Only thanks to highest demand in quality and strict adherence to the appropriate guidelines this Real German Brandy can be achieved.